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Trump Declares … Something or Other

June 17, 2015

Trump Declares . . . Something or Other

Donald John Trump, Sr., reality television performer, golf course owner, beauty pageant promoter, casino owner, and chairman and president of Trump This n’ That, has made a takeover bid for the 2016 Republican candidacy for the U.S. presidency. He outlined his platform Tuesday in a speech at the Trump Tower of Barad-dûr in midtown Mordor:

The Economy:

“I don’t need anybody’s money. It’s nice…I’m really rich.”

“I’m really rich. And by the way, I’m not even saying that to brag. That’s the kind of mindset, the kind of thinking, you need for this country… We have the opposite thinking: We have losers.”


“The U.S. has become a dumping ground for everybody else’s problems.”

International Diplomacy:

“When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best. They’re sending people that have lots of problems. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists.”

“I beat China all the time.”


Jeb! Jeb! Jeb! Jeb! Jeb! Jeb! Jeb! Jeb! Jeb! Jeb!

June 16, 2015

Jeb! Jeb! Jeb! Jeb! Jeb! Jeb! Jeb! Jeb! Jeb! Jeb!

The excitement and the exclamation points could not be contained as John Ellis “Jeb” Bush, railed against “the pampered elites of Washington” and declared his candidacy for the Presidency of the United States.

Mr. Bush, a graduate of the Phillips Academy, has been an international banker, Florida real estate developerNigerian business negotiator, chairman of three offshore private equity funds, advisor to the British bank Barclay’s, a consultant to Lehman Brothers and on its Private Equity Advisory Board, and was formerly on the board of fraud-prone Tenet Healthcare, a private Swiss bank, and the Heritage Foundation. He is the son of former President George H. W. Bush and younger brother of former President George W. Bush.


Court: Virginia’s Racially Gerrymandered Congressional Map is Unconstitutional

June 7, 2015

Court: Virginia's Racially Gerrymandered Map is Unconstitutional
On Friday a federal court panel reaffirmed an earlier decision throwing out Virginia’s map of congressional districts due to racial gerrymandering in violation of the Equal Protection Clause.

“Virginia is widely believed to be one of the most gerrymandered states in the country. In 2012, Republican House candidates won just 51 percent of the votes cast in the state — but they ended up winning eight of the state’s 11 congressional districts.”

— “Virginia’s congressional map has been thrown out by judges for racial bias,” Andrew Prokop, Vox


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GOP Healthcare Plan

June 5, 2015

GOP Healthcare Plan

Republicans have bloviated about the evils of the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) for years now, even with the program’s obvious success. They’re promised an alternative, but never delivered.

But GOP insurgents have elevated an awkward phrase in the 900-pages of ACA legislation into a Supreme Court case, and a decision in King vs Burwell is expected in late June or early July 2015. If Republicans win that case they lose, since that would really hammer the residents of Red States and put GOP governors in a bind. So surely the Grand Old Party has come up with Health Plan B, right?



Pataki Joins the Umpteen Other Contenders for the 2016 GOP Nomination

May 31, 2015

Pataki Joins the Umpteen Other Contenders for the 2016 GOP Nomination
Last week former New York Governor George Pataki announced that he is running to be the 2016 Republican Presidential candidate. He’s got three big problems. Number three is the big crowd of contenders ahead of him. His second-biggest problem: Since he left office in 2006 the Republican Party has run away from his social positions, veering quite far to the Right. His number 1 problem? No one knows who he is anymore.


Santorum Crusade Commences

May 28, 2015

Santorum Crusade Commences

On Wednesday afternoon in the little Palestinian Pennsylvania town of Bethlehem Butler, a Republican savior was born. That’s right, Rick Santorum has declared that he’s running to be the 2016 GOP candidate for President.  He was accompanied by his well-heeled apostle, multi-millionaire Foster Friess.

“I’m really going to have an uphill battle ahead of me,” Mr. Santorum told the money changers in a Tuesday fundraising email, “All the way up Calvary.” Okay, maybe we imagined that last part, but the man sure felt martyred by the 2012 contest, and this Second Coming will be even more trying. This time around there are plenty of other contenders for the hearts, souls, wallets, and votes of the Theocratic Republican faithful.


Jeb Bush is on the Paleo Diet

April 26, 2015

 Jeb Bush is on the Paleo Diet

While his rival Marco Rubio says we can’t go back to the ideas of the past, Jeb Bush is on the “Caveman Diet.”

Ex-Governor Bush is sticking to the Paleo diet on the campaign trail, and he’s lost 30 pounds.

Archaeologist Jean-Denis Vigne concludes that the Paleo diet is “more inspired by the myth of the noble savage than by the realities revealed by science.” That’s a pretty good description of the candidate’s economic policies, too.


“How to Really Eat Like a Hunter-Gatherer: Why the Paleo Diet Is Half-Baked,” Ferris Jabr, Scientific American


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Michele Bachmann: Barack Obama is Bringing on the End Times

April 23, 2015

Michele Bachmann: Barack Obama is Bringing on the End Times

Former Congresscreature and born-again Tea Party loon Michele Bachmann foresees that the Rapture is nigh. Ms. Bachmann told radio host Jan Markell that the End Times are being ushered in by that Antichrist, Barack Obama.

“We need to realize how close this clock is to getting towards the midnight hour. It’s just like the Bible forewarned: in the last days it will be like the beginning of birth pangs. In my opinion, we are far beyond the beginning of birth pangs. We’re moving far down into the process. For women who are listening to this show today, you know what I’m talking about. What it’s like to deliver a baby at the very beginning stages and then at the very end before the baby is born. All I can tell you as a mom who has given birth to five babies, the birth pangs are very close together, they are very intense now and we are literally watching month by month the speed move up to a level we’ve never seen before with these events. Barack Obama is intent, it is his number one goal, to ensure that Iran has a nuclear weapon. Why? Why would you put the nuclear weapon in the hands of mad men?”

— “Michele Bachmann: Barack Obama is ushering in a baby called the Rapture,” Joanna Rothkopf, Salon


Hoosier Hospitality

March 30, 2015

Hoosier Hospitality

Indiana Governor Mike Pence, a formerly prominent Republican, is flabbergasted by the uproar about Indiana’s new Religious Freedom Restoration Act. After all, it has the same name as a Federal law and laws in 19 other states.

There are three main differences:

1.  Indiana’s law explicitly allows for-profit businesses to assert a right to “the free exercise of religion.”

2. Indiana’s law allows businesses to assert such rights as a defense against lawsuits by private individuals, not just against actions brought by government.

“So, let’s review the evidence: … there’s ‘nothing significant’ about this law that differs from the federal one, and other state ones—except that it has been carefully written to make clear that 1) businesses can use it against 2) civil-rights suits brought by individuals.”

— “What Makes Indiana’s Religious-Freedom Law Different?” Garrett Epps, The Atlantic

3. Timing. Public opinion in America has swung in favor of same-sex marriage, and Indiana Republicans are out of step with their “freedom to discriminate” legislation.


“Indiana’s Mike Pence is starting to look like Lester Maddox — without the spine,” Joan Walsh, Salon

Legal types can see a letter by 30 law school professors here.


“When ‘Religious Liberty’ Was Used To Justify Racism Instead Of Homophobia,” Ian Millhiser, Think Progress

“Disciples Of Christ Cancels 2017 Convention In Protest Of Religious Freedom Law,” Daniel Strauss, TPM Livewire


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Indiana Welcomes … Some of You!

March 28, 2015

Indiana Welcomes ... Some of You!

The Indiana legislature passed a law, and Republican Governor Mike Pence is so proud of it that he boldly signed it when no one was looking. The so-called ‘Religious Freedom Restoraction Act‘ grants individuals and businesses the right to discriminate against people unlike them and claim their religion mandates their bigotry.

Wholesome, honest-to-goodness Hoosier intolerance. Who could be against that?

Everyone. The ACLU. The Disciples of Christ. The NCAA. The Indianapolis Chamber of CommerceUSA Track & Field. NASCAR. Corporations like YelpSalesforce, Ennis Communications, Cummins, Angie’s List, Twitter, Subaru, General Electric and Indianapolis-based pharma giant Eli Lilly & Company. The mayors of Indianapolis, South Bend, Evansville, Washington DC, Seattle and San Francisco. The governors of Connecticut, New York, and Washington. U.S. Senator Mark Kirk (R-IL). Annual conventions like the AFSCME Conference and the $50 million Gen Con. The editors of the Indianapolis StarTim Cook. Audra McDonaldMiley Cyrus. Larry KingCharles BarkleyNick Offerman. David LettermanWilcoAshton Kutcher. Arnold Schwarzenegger. And many more.

There’s a petition, a boycott movement, and this:



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