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GOP Senate Candidate Plays Defense for DC’s NFL Team

November 2, 2014

GOP Senate Candidate Plays Defense for DC's NFL Team
In what has got to be history’s most desperate “Hail Mary” play, Virginia Republican Senate candidate Ed Gillespie has pledged he won’t back any legislation to change the racist name of Washington’s professional football team. His opponent, incumbent Senator John Warner, never voted for or supported any such bill. The term “political football” is no longer just a metaphor.

Here’s the kicker: Gillespie was an Eagles fan as late as December 2012.


What’s In a Name? Plenty.

September 27, 2014


“‘Daily Show’ airs segment pitting Redskins fans against Native Americans,” Ian Shapira, Washington Post


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TV: Will the DC NFL Team Name Be Benched?

September 12, 2014

TV: Will the DC NFL Team Name Be Benched?

Sportscasters Tony Dungy, Phil Simms, Tom Jackson, and Lisa Salters won’t use the racist, derogatory name of DC’s NFL team. Neither will ESPN’s Lindsay Czarniak, who comes from the DC area. But what if the FCC rules that name cannot be uttered over the public airwaves?

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler says he finds the name “offensive and derogatory” and believes it should be changed. He hopes DC team owner Dan Snyder will come to his senses and change the name voluntarily.

But former FCC Chairman Reed Hundt and former Commissioners Jonathan Adelstein and Nicholas Johnson are urging the FCC to make an indecency case against broadcasters who use the name on the air.


Message to the NFL

February 1, 2014

A message to the NFL from the National Congress of American Indians, oldest and largest American Indian and Alaska Native organization.


“Over 200 Civil Rights Organizations Call For Washington, DC Football Team to Change Its Name,”

“The Epic Battle To Save The Most Offensive Team Name In Professional Sports,” Travis Waldron, Think Progress

“The Washington R*dskins’ Wily Mascot: Coach William ‘Lone Star” Dietz,'” Linda M. Waggoner, Montana: the Magazine of Western History


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Dan Snyder Fires Mike Shanahan

December 30, 2013

Dan Snyder Fires Dan Shanahan
Another American joined the ranks of the unemployed today as Dan Snyder, owner of Washington DC’s NFL team (the one with a racial slur for a name), fired coach Mike Shanahan.

Mr.Shanahan was the 7th head coach under team owner Snyder since he bought the franchise in 1999. Sounds like the franchise needs a new owner much more than a new coach. A new name wouldn’t hurt, either.


DC’s NFL Team Lives Up to Its Name

November 19, 2013

DC's NFL Team Lives Up to Its Name

Washington DC’s professional football team lived up to its name in a game against the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday. The DC team, named after a variety of potato (USDA B 2368-4) with a red-pigmented skin, was buried in the turf like its namesake tuber for a 24 – 16 loss. Washington players will have plenty of time to plan their vegetable gardens since, with a 3-7 record, they’re probably gonna be out of the playoffs.


If Obama Owned DC’s NFL Team

October 6, 2013

If Obama Owned DC's NFK Team In an interview with AP’s Julie Pace on Friday, President Obama said he would “think about changing” the Washington NFL team’s racist name if he owned the pro football franchise. “I don’t know whether our attachment to a particular name should override the real legitimate concerns that people have about these things,” said the president, who went on to praise the team’s loyal fan base.


NFL R-Word Rally in Green Bay On Sunday

September 14, 2013

NFL R-Word Rally in Green Bay on Sunday
There will be a protest this Sunday at Lambeau Field when the Packers host a team from the Nation’s Capital, the NFL team with a Native American slur for a name. That game will be played in an Oneida neighborhood, Green Bay Wisconsin. New York’s Oneida Nation will air local radio spots protesting that racist team name, so even the Menominee community 45 miles away will get the message. But will DC team owner Dan Snyder?

Mr. Snyder has thus far avoided hearing the voice of reason calling for a team name change, but the Washington Post editorial board heard it loud and clear. So have many sportswriters, most recently Christine Brennan of USA Today. Mark Murphy, CEO of the Green Bay Packers, a former DC player who wore that racist name on his jersey in two Superbowls, says Mr. Snyder should think about changing it. So does NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.

As Keith Olbermann observes, the Washington team’s moniker has been “the last racist name you can say at the office without being fired” thanks to Dan Snyder and the NFL.


DC Councilman: ‘Change That Shameful Name’

May 2, 2013

DC Councilman: 'Change That Shameful Name'

District of Columbia Councilman David Grosso has introduced a resolution that Washington’s professional football team should change its racist, derogatory name, the one beginning with “R.” It’s a non-binding resolution, to say the least; the team doesn’t even play in DC anymore.

Removing Native American slurs and stereotypes from sports nicknames and mascots has been a nationwide trend, but the second part of Mr. Grosso’s resolution is a bit arcane, and puzzles lots of folks. He suggests changing the team’s name to “Washington Redtails.” This is in honor of the Tuskegee Airmen, African American pilots of World War II. While more people should know about the Airmen, even the few who do don’t know that “Red Tails” was their nickname, unless they saw the flop movie of the same name.


Congress: No Protection for Shameful Racist NFL Symbols

March 22, 2013

Congressional Bill to Ban Shameful Racist NFL Symbols

The U. S. Patent Office’s Trial and Appeal Board can’t decide if the DC NFL team name R-word slur deserves government protection, so members of Congress want to clarify it. Del. Eni Faleomavaega (D-American Samoa) has introduced HR 1278 – Non-Disparagement of Native American Persons or Peoples in Trademark Registration Act of 2013. Co-sponsors include co-chairs of the Congressional Native American Caucus Tom Cole (R-Okla.) and Betty McCollum (D, MN-4) as well as Reps. Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-DC), Raul Grijalva (D, AZ-7), Karen Bass (D, CA-37), John Lewis (D, GA-5), Gwen Moore (D, WI-4), Donna Christenson (D-Virgin Islands), Michael Honda (D, CA-17).

The bill has been endorsed by the National Congress of American Indians, International Indian Treaty Council, the Wisconsin Indian Education Association, and the Morning Star Institute. “It’s wonderful to have such distinguished and courageous members of Congress stand up for us to oppose this indefensible racial epithet,” said Institute President Susan Harjo. “I hope this helps to open the eyes of those who have not seen or who have refused to see the harm this does to our young people.”