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Digital Downloads Dominate

January 8, 2012

Digital Downloads Dominate

It was inevitable, but 2011 is the year it happened. Digital music downloads outsold physical recordings.  That’s unit sales, not dollars, but it seems like the music business has entered the 21st Century.


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A GRAMMY® Award That Would Mean Something

February 13, 2011

Like the music recording awards show itself, most GRAMMY® nominations are tiresome, but one of tonight’s nominees stands out. It’s an ever-changing music video with singing by a dead man and drawings by two hundred thousand of his admirers across the globe. The video above is just a snapshot of The Johnny Cash Project. Go to the site itself for a richer experience. You can even become part of it by making a drawing. Learn more about the crowd-sourced production from some of its contributors after the jump.


Grammys Pull Polka

June 13, 2009

Grammys Pull Polka

The doomed U.S. recording industry continues its dance of self-destruction. After 22 years, the Recording Academy (aka the National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences or NARAS) has discontinued the Polka category of the Grammy® awards “to ensure the awards process remains representative of the current musical landscape.” Polka was the only Grammy® category eliminated.

The exclusion of this authentic and vigorous Roots Music has not gone unnoticed in America’s heartland: