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Alternative Facts

January 24, 2017

Alternative Facts

On the first full day of the Trump Administration, we were met with the odd spectacle of a White House Press Secretary who did not take questions from the  White House press corps, but instead made claims that were demonstrably untrue.

On Day 2, Counselor the President Kellyanne Conway explained that these were not lies, they were “alternative facts“:


How Americans Really Eat

January 26, 2016

How Americans Really Eat

The U.S. Government recently released new Dietary Guidelines. Since USDA also encourages consumer demand for beef, the guidelines don’t recommend avoiding red meat even though it’s a health risk. Why not? Beef producers have political clout, and anyway we all love our burgers.

Based on these lofty principles, we’ve developed “Guidelines on How Americans Really Eat Now” (above). Add an RC Cola or a PBR and you have a complete family meal.

And food processing creates millions of jobs too, amiright? Pass the Doritos, bro.


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