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Ideological Purge at DHS

April 11, 2019

Ideological Purge at DHS

Right-Wing ideologue and White House Rasputin Stephen Miller, grandson of immigrant refugees, hates immigrants so much he wants to close both U.S. borders and all ports of entry. Recently, he helped close the careers of the Trump Administration’s top-ranking DHS officials.

At a college student, Mr. Miller defended Western Civilization as coordinator of an islamophobic project sponsoring “Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week” on college campuses. He graduated and worked for Congresscreature Michele “Crazy Eyes” Bachmann, who (surprise!) championed a southern border wall. Noted islamophobic loon David Horowitz introduced Stephen Miller to Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions, and it was a Nativist match made in heaven. He became the senator’s communications director and helped defeat a major immigration reform bill. Mr. Miller entered the 2016 Trump campaign as Steve Bannon’s typist, and was promoted to Chief Troll after writing the sulfurous Trump Convention speech.

Stephen Miller has written those Trump speeches that sound like dystopian sci-fi and the fear-mongering sermons of Medieval crusader-priests. As Senior Policy Advisor, he is credited (if that’s the word) for the Administration’s Family Separation policy. Mr. Miller’s other talents tend towards backstabbing and lurking in the corridors of (white) power. His monomaniacal ideological fixation makes him easy to understand, even for President “Best Brain” Trump, and the two share a taste for chaos. His policies – from the Muslim Ban to baby-snatching — may have failed, but Stephen Miller is now the last xenophobe standing.