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Trump COVID Advisor Scott Atlas: It’s Grandma’s Last Thanksgiving!

November 17, 2020

Trump COVID Advisor Scott Atlas: It's Grandma's Last Thanksgiving!

Trump COVID-19 advisor Scott Atlas, MD, is not an epidemiologist or an infectious disease expert. He’s a renowned expert in Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI). Dr. Atlas has no pandemic expertise and hasn’t practiced medicine in 10 years, but he’s a fellow in Health Care Policy at Stanford’s conservative Hoover Institution and bloviates on Fox News, so he’s the go-to White House medico. When it comes to coronavirus, Dr. Atlas wants to let lots of people get it to bring about “herd immunity.” Real pandemic experts estimate it would require the deaths of 2 million Americans to achieve “herd immunity” in the U.S.

That hasn’t deterred Dr. Atlas. He says Americans aren’t doing enough to collaborate with the virus. They should ditch those masks, ignore advice on social distancing, and celebrate at the table with Grandma, bringing about her “last Thanksgiving.”

Many of his former medical colleagues are appalled, and Stanford University is distancing itself from Dr. Atlas. No so Mr. Trump.


“On Fox News, Dr. Scott Atlas encourages large holiday gatherings: ‘For many people this is their last Thanksgiving,’” Media Matters

“Trump adviser Scott Atlas criticizes plans to avoid seeing elderly for Thanksgiving,” Brett Samuels, The Hill

“Trump COVID Adviser Scott Atlas Is on a Hot Streak of Dumb Ideas,” Matt Stieb, New York Magazine

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Whole Foods Snake Oil

March 30, 2014

Whole Foods Snake Oil

“When confronted by Big Picture Science about their decision to sell homeopathic products, Whole Foods responded that, ‘because homeopathic remedies are safe and believed by many to be effective, we will continue to carry them in our stores.’ In other words, as long as homeopathic remedies are effective in separating people from their money, they will continue to be sold. Despite the overwhelming preponderance of evidence, Whole Foods cherry picks the record to suggest that there is ‘disagreement in the scientific community’ regarding homeopathy and that, of course, ‘there is a clear need for further research in this area.’ ‘Where have we heard that before?”

— “Hey, Whole Foods: Stop Selling Snake Oil,” Paul SanGiorgio, Triple Pundit


Stop Putting ‘Science’ in ‘Science Education’!

September 17, 2013

Stop Putting 'Science' in 'Science Education'!

U.S. students lag behind those of many other countries in science and engineering proficiency, so naturally the American education system is compensating by denying established modern science. Professional educators have developed and agreed on standards of science education, but the fundamentalist Tea Party parents running school boards denounce them as anti-Christian Big Gummint brainwashing of innocent American kids.

“Creationists Once Again Threaten to Make a Mockery of Texas Science Education,” Phil Plait, Slate

“Official Texas Review: “Creation Science” Should Be Incorporated Into Every Biology Textbook,” Josh Harkinson, Mother Jones

“Creationists Portray New Science Standards As ‘Big Government,'” Michael Schulson, Religion Dispatches

 Think “Creationism” makes God happy? Consider this:

“Creationism museum employee struck by lightning on the job,” By Caroline Lee, Blog


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Image: Anti-Evolution League, at the Scopes Trial, Dayton Tennessee, from Literary Digest, July 25, 1925

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Psychic Detectives

September 15, 2011

Psychic Detectives
Last month a self-described “psychic” called the sheriff’s office in Liberty County, Texas to report dozens of bodies buried  on a rural property. Officers and dogs responded, searched the area and found — nothing.

That’s unsurprising since psychic detectives have a perfect record. One hundred percent of their cases have been as successful as the one in Texas.