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Ted Cruz Declares Holy War

March 23, 2015

Ted Cruz Declares Holy War

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) declared his presidential candidacy Monday at Liberty University, invoking the Deity (who seems to have endorsed him), Jesus Christ, Rafael Cruz (his own preacher daddy), GOP saint Ronald Reagan and, oddly, Thomas Jefferson (who re-wrote the Bible, omitting the miracles of Jesus) and ultimate Big Government champ FDR.

Excerpts from Monday’s address by Mr. Cruz (links added):


God, Guns, Grits and Snake Oil

March 22, 2015

God, Guns, Grits and Snake Oil

Now that Mike Huckabee has left Fox News, he’s financing his presidential campaign in an unconventional way.  He sent out an email pitch for a dubious diabetes cure based on ingredients found in cinnamon buns.


Kid Senator Pens ‘Cheeky’ Letter to Iran; International Crisis Ensues

March 11, 2015

Kid Senator Pens 'Cheeky' Letter to Iran; International Crisis Ensues

In office for a couple of months, young freshman Senator Tom Cotton (AR-R) wrote an open letter to the leaders of Iran, saying that any nuclear agreement they sign with the current administration won’t be worth a bucket of warm spit in two years when the Tea Party takes over the White House. That’s misleading, but 46 other GOP senators signed on anyway, some of them older guys who really don’t know what they’re signing. These political pen pals are being hailed as … traitors, reckless, dumb, dangerous and irresponsible, trolls, saboteurs, and so on.

Secretaries of State past and present denounced the letter as a dangerous political stunt. Iran blew it off, but there’s been a strong, substantial public backlash in the USA. Now the GOP letter writers claim it was all a joke, that they were just being “cheeky.” After all, what’s more fun than jeopardizing a critical nuclear weapons agreement?


Texas Legislator: ‘Get That Fetus a Lawyer!’

March 9, 2015

Texas Legislator: 'Get That Fetus a Lawyer!'

Texas State Representative Matt Krause (R-District 93, Tarrant County) wants legal representation for fetuses, and has introduced a bill to that effect in the Texas House of Representatives. Rep. Krause was one of the first graduates of Jerry Falwell’s Liberty University School of Law, and ran the Texas branch of Liberty Counsel, a “legal ministry” which, by a remarkable coincidence, is headed by a professor from the Liberty University School of Law.


“New Texas Plan Would Assign Lawyers To Fetuses,” Tara Culp-Ressler, Think Progress


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Scott Walker Worships Ronald Reagan

March 6, 2015

Scott Walker Worships Ronald Reagan

Scott Walker worships Ronald Reagan, which must be disconcerting to Mr. Walker’s minister father. Anyway, each year, on President Reagan’s birthday, Governor Walker eats Mr. Reagan’s favorite foodsmacaroni and cheese casserole, and red, white, and blue Jelly Belly jelly beans.

Scott Walker even got married on Ronald Reagan’s birthday. This surely makes for a very romantic anniversary dinner.

Governor Walker thinks that the most important foreign policy move of his lifetime was Reagan busting the air traffic controllers’ union. What? Hey, maybe he was thinking about all those international flights.


“Scott Walker loves Ronald Reagan more than seems humanly possible,” Andrew Prokop, Vox

“Scott Walker: Records show Soviets treated Ronald Reagan more seriously after he fired controllers,” Tom Kertscher, Politifact



Image by Mike Licht. Download a copy here. Creative Commons license; credit Mike Licht,

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CPAC 2015

March 1, 2015

CPAC 2015

The 2015 Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) is underway at National Harbor, near the casino construction site, and would-be GOP presidential candidates are trying their luck. CPAC is sometimes called Comic-Con for Conservatives, and there’s certainly lots of fantasy-and-science-fiction role-playing:

John Bolton: “I feel I have a civic obligation to escort Hillary and Bill Clinton to the exit door of American politics.”

Brent Bozell: “Cultural fascism has arrived in America.”

Jeb Bush:  “Our position needs to be to re-engage with a strong military and a strong presence. We can’t disengage in the world and expect a good result. As we pull back, voids are filled. Iraq is the best example of that.”

Ben Carson: “What am I ready for? I’m not ready for Hillary. But what am I ready for? I’m ready for a country who puts our constitution on the top shelf.”

Chris Christie: “Sometimes people have to be told to sit down and shut up.”

Ted Cruz: “We all know that in a campaign, every candidate comes up and tells you, ‘I’m the most conservative guy that’s ever lived,’ that’s just what they say. I’m pretty confident you haven’t seen any speakers come up yet to say, ‘I’m a squishy moderate who stands for nothing.’ … Every one of them will say, ‘You betcha, hoo diddly, I’m as conservative as all get-out.’”

Nigel Farage: “Every time we do these things we’re told by our leaders that it’s to make the streets of London and New York safer. I would claim that we’ve actually enflamed and stoked the fires of militant Islam.”

Carly Fiorina: “Hillary may like hashtags — but she does not know what leadership means.” “I know Bibi Netanyahu” “I know King Abdullah of Jordan”

Sean Hannity: “I can look out in the crowd, I kinda have Fox X-ray vision, and I can see that some of you women, you don’t even know it yet, but you’re pregnant. It’s not your fault. It’s not his fault.”

Laura Ingraham: “Why don’t we just call it quits, and Jeb and Hillary can run on the same ticket.”

Bobby Jindal: “We must repeal every single word of Obamacare.”


A Year and a Day in Prison for Maureen McDonnell

February 21, 2015

A Year and a Day in Prison for Maureen McDonnell

Maureen McDonnell, former NFL cheerleader and estranged wife of disgraced former Virginia governor Bob McDonnell, has been sentenced to one year and one day in federal prison for her conviction on 8 felony counts of corruption. The former First Lady of the Old Dominion accepted lavish gifts from nutritional supplement manufacturer Jonnie Williams and helped him shill his snake oil, even staging a promotional event at the state’s Executive Mansion.

Mr. McDonnell, the first Virginia governor convicted of committing a felony while in office, has been sentenced to 2 years in prison and 2 years of federally supervised release for convictions on 11 counts of political corruption. Mr. &  Mrs. McD are both on the loose while appealing their convictions, and the ex-Governor is bunking with his parish priest.


Banned in Billings? Montana Republican Wants to Outlaw Yoga Pants

February 16, 2015

Banned in Billings? Montana Republican Wants to Outlaw Yoga Pants

“A Montana state lawmaker is pushing legislation that would ban yoga pants and Speedos in public because they ‘give the realistic appearance’ of certain parts of a person’s anatomy that should count as indecent exposure.

No, seriously.

Republican David Moore proposed the bill, according to the Billings Gazette, after he witnessed naked bicyclists last year and decided to crack down on indecent exposure laws. But beyond just people exposing certain body parts they shouldn’t, Moore also wants to crack down on clothing that conforms to certain areas of the body.

And that includes yoga pants, which, Moore said, ‘should be illegal in public anyway.’”

– “Montana Pol Pushes Bill That Would Make It Illegal to Wear Yoga Pants in Public,” Josh Feldman, Mediaite

The Montana House Judiciary Committee has tabled the bill, and the proposal has permanently assumed the Sleeping Vishnu Asana.


Alabama Judge Impedes Marriage Equality

February 10, 2015

alabama Judge Impedes Marriage Equality
A week ago Federal District Judge Callie Granade struck down two Alabama state laws banning same-sex marriage and refused to stay the decision pending an appeal the the U.S. Supreme Court. The Supreme Court itself refused to institute a stay, so you’d think the matter would be settled, but we’re talking about Alabama here. Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore has ordered state officials to ignore the Federal court ruling.


You Won’t Have Mitt Romney to Kick Around Anymore

January 30, 2015

You Won't Have Mitt Romney to Kick Around Anymore
To paraphrase Richard Nixon, you won’t have Mitt Romney to kick around anymore.



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