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Pizzly Bears

July 13, 2021

As their ice sheet hunting grounds melt due to global warming, polar bears are moving inland, and mating with the grizzly bears that live there.


“Polar Bear-Grizzly Hybrids, Aka Pizzly Bears, May Be Growing More Common Due to Climate Crisis,” Alyse Stanley, Earther


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Coca-Cola & Polar Bears

December 30, 2013

Coca-Cola & Polar Bears

Since 1993, Coca-Cola holiday ads have featured fuzzy adorable polar bear families enjoying Coke in the Arctic night. That’s just a bunch of seal blubber.

The facts: Polar bears are solitary and don’t form groups, mothers drive off cubs when they are a couple of years old, after a week of mating males and females separate, and adult bears may eat cubs if times get hard. Oh, and bears don’t drink Coke, either.


“Coca-Cola’s Adorable Lies About Polar Bears,” Ross Pomeroy, Real Clear Science

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