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Trump Accepts 2020 Republican Abdication

August 28, 2020

Trump Accepts 2020 Republican Abdication

In an interminable speech late on Thursday, delivered in front of his public housing project, Donald J. Trump accepted the abject abdication of the Republican Party, formerly known as the Party of Lincoln. During his 70-minute address Mr. Trump shared a lie every three minutes, visions of American armageddon, and an incurable virus with his packed, maskless audience. In a novel coronavirus twist, the incumbent is running as a challenger, blaming his own three-and-a-half years of failure on his political opponent.

The event was celebrated by fireworks at another federal property, as citizens frolicked in the streets:


“Trump’s parade of desperate lies reveals one big and awful truth,” Greg Sargent, Washington Post

“There’s No 2020 Republican Platform. There’s Just Trump.” NotionsCapital


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Image (“Party of Lincoln, after Bill Mauldin”) by Mike Licht. Download a copy here. Creative Commons license; credit Mike Licht,

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