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The iPod is 20 years old.

November 1, 2021

The iPod is 20 years old.

In honor of the iPod’s 20th anniversary a few weeks back, the Panic blog gave us a look at the first iPod prototype, which was almost as big as a MacBook. The big box was functional, but it was mostly full of air. Apple engineers diguised the original form factor to protect the design from leakers.


“The original iPod ‘prototype’ was an Apple design to prevent leaks,” Emma Roth, The Verge

“20 years of the iPod: how it shuffled music and tech into a new era,” Eamonn Forde, The Guardian

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The iPod Society

October 28, 2011

The iPod Society

Psychologist Dr Ana Tajadura-Jimenez and her University of London colleagues confirm what you commuters already know: a personal music player protects you in the a crowded bus or subway car.