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Pepper Spray University Gets Schooled About PR

April 18, 2016

Pepper Spray University Gets Schooled About PR

In November 2011 the worldwide Occupy Movement reached the campus of the University of California at Davis. Protesters staging a sit-down strike were pepper-sprayed by UC Davis campus police in riot gear. It wasn’t a pretty picture, and outrage spread across the country and the Web. Now the Sacramento Bee has discovered that the UC Davis administration spent at least $175,000 trying to scrub bad publicity about the ugly incident from the Internet and repair the school’s reputation.

Understandably, news of the cover-up attempt has sparked fresh outrage, new campus demonstrations, and calls for the Chancellor’s resignation. And, despite the scrubbing effort, the 2011 UC Davis pepper spray incident is now a Google trending topic.


“UC Davis gets caught in a PR coverup,” San Francisco Chronicle editorial


An American Christmas Tradition

December 24, 2011

An American Christmas Tradition

The American Advent Season commenced on November 25th as faithful millions observed the solemn rites of Black Friday. Yesterday marked another ceremonial milestone, the annual Adoration of the Air Jordans. In the pre-dawn hours, reverent crowds assembled before great cathedral shopping mall doors for the ceremonial yelling, pushing, shoving and punching as clouds of spicy incense wafted through the air.