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World Leaders Gather in Washington DC

April 12, 2010

World Leaders Gather in Washington DC 

The cherry blossom-crazed tourists have left town, so world leaders can safely meet here in Washington for a Nuclear Security Summit, held in conjunction with DC’s annual Bollard Festival of Security Theater. Subway stations and streets are closed. Police, armed forces, and security agencies are on full alert.  Local residents are protected from dangerous foreign leaders by cage-like barriers and security personnel with automatic weapons.


Just Another DC Weekend

April 10, 2010


Just Another DC Weekend

It’s just another DC Weekend. Security forces are locking down the town and disrupting transit and traffic in advance of next week’s Nuclear Security Summit.

Expect dozens of weekend motorcades, a parade with huge balloons and marching bands, the Blessing of the Fleets Ceremony, a Japanese Street Festival, one White House demonstration in support of Togo’s president, another against the leader of Vietnam, and an event against anti-Semitism on the National Mall.

There are performances, fun runs, river clean-ups, blossom-peeping tourists, weekend subway repairs, high school bus tours, and marches of Mothers Against Bad Stuff.

Expect delays.

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