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Mark Bittman has a newsletter.

October 8, 2018

Mark Bittman has a newsletter.

Mark Bittman fans, the wait is over. For everyone who’s been bemoaning the absence of regular columns distilling some of the food world’s biggest obstacles into intelligible terms where solutions actually feel within reach, and the approachable—and importantly flexible—recipes from the former New York Times columnist, Monday should be an exciting day. Bittman will launch a new newsletter on October 8, and this, it seems, is just the beginning. Next up will be a podcast, and after that, well, the world is his (sustainably farmed) oyster. “

— “Mark Bittman Will Launch a Newsletter Next Week, and a Podcast Is on Deck,” Alison Spiegel, Food & Wine

October 8th? That’s today! Sign up here.


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