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Druids Now Kosher in UK

October 3, 2010

Druids Now Kosher in UK 

Druidism has been recognized as a religion by the government of the United Kingdom. More specifically, the Druid Network organization has been recognized as legitimate and tax-exempt by The Charity Commission for England and Wales. Initial news accounts suggested a historical continuity of some kind between ancient religious practices and modern druid groups. The Charity Commission ruling doesn’t validate this preposterous claim, since brand-new faith groups may be ruled tax-exempt if they do not harm the public and conduct their financial affairs appropriately.


Pagan University Chaplain

March 12, 2010

Pagan University Chaplain

Syracuse University has appointed Mary Hudson as the school’s first pagan chaplain.  Just in time for Ostara!

The University of Southern Maine is the only other U.S. college known to have a pagan chaplain (Rev. Cynthia Jane Collins), but schools in Canada, Australia, and Britain have them.



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