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Study: COVID-19 Infections Would Plummet If 80% of Americans Wore Masks

May 12, 2020


U.S. COVID-19 deaths now total 76,032, while Japan had 577 coronavirus fatalities. Adjusting for population, the Japanese death rate is 2% of America’s. The difference? Everyone in Japan wears masks. Berkeley computer scientist De Kai built the Masksim simulator and run multiple scenarios of mask usage. Bottom line: wear a mask.


“If 80% of Americans Wore Masks, COVID-19 Infections Would Plummet, New Study Says,” David Ewing Duncan, Vanity Fair

“Universal Masking is Urgent in the COVID-19 Pandemic: SEIR and Agent Based Models, mpirical Validation, Policy Recommendations,” De Kai, Guy Philippe Goldstein, Alexey Morgunov, Vishal Nangalia, and Anna Rotkirch, arXiv

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