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China: Capitalism? You Wanted It, You Got It.

August 26, 2015

China: Capitalism? You Wanted It, You Got It

Update: “China’s stock market falls for the 5th straight day,”  Timothy B. Lee,Vox

“China’s stock market plunges for the fourth straight day,” Timothy B. Lee, Vox

“China 2015: beware the links with 1929,” Larry Elliott, The Guardian

“Why the Chinese slowdown everybody knew was coming is causing a freak-out,” Chico Harlan, Washington Post


Market Correction

August 22, 2015

Market Correction

On Friday Wall Street deflated with a mighty belch, as the Dow dropped over 500 points, the worst one-day loss since 2008. Overall there’s been a 10 percent drop from the May 19 peak, so it’s officially a “Market Correction.

Why? Some blame it on the fears about the instability of China’s economy, others on the EU and Greece, or the Fed, or the low price of oil and other commodities, or the Zodiac.