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Sanford Book Deal Flames Out

July 3, 2009

Sanford Book Deal Flames Out

South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford had a contract to write a book on economics. After his romantic escapades, the deal is history.

Mr. Sanford, a former financier and real estate broker, is married to a powertool heiress who worked on Wall Street. He was going to write a book called Within Our Means, about fiscal conservatism.

Mr. Sanford’s erstwhile publisher, Sentinel, specializes in conserva-porn, Christian funda-fluff, and 110-percent Americanism. The company is a unit of the British Penguin Group.


Sanford’s Spiritual Advisor

July 2, 2009

Sanford's Spiritual Advisor

 “I was part of a group called C Street when I was in Washington. It was … a Christian Bible study; some folks that asked of members of Congress hard questions that I think were very, very important. And I’ve been working with them.”

“I see Cubby Culbertson in the back of the room. I would consider him a spiritual giant …. … and an incredibly dear friend. And he has been helping us work through this ….”

South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford, in a Statehouse news conference.

“Sanford … detailed more visits with [Maria Belen] Chapur, including an encounter that he described as a failed attempt at a farewell meeting in New York this past winter, chaperoned by a spiritual adviser ….”

Tamara Lush and Evan Berland, Associated Press.

From recent remarks and actions by Governor Mark Sanford, you might think his spiritual advisor hails from a galaxy far, far away, but he has several spiritual advisors, all apparently terrestrial. Few are actually clergymen, and none appear to be accredited marriage counselors. This is free-style, free-range, free-market spiritual advising,  and the Invisible Hand needs a good rap on the knuckles.

There are two teams of known Sanford spiritual advisors in our solar system, one in Washington DC, the other in South Carolina’s capital, Columbia.

The Carolina contingent includes founders of an influential evangelical men’s Bible study group:


Mark Sanford — He’s Back!

June 30, 2009

Mark Sanford -- He's Back!

Mark Sanford is back, with a headline love story even dead celebrities can’t kill!

The South Carolina Governor’s Statehouse press conference went so well last week that he just gave a long interview to Associated Press. 

In a session reporters Tamara Lush and Evan Berland describe as “lengthy and emotional,” Mr. Sanford revealed that his extramarital relationship with Argentine reporter Maria Belen Chapur started eight years ago when he met her at a dance and “counseled her into the night about her failing marriage.”

Good counseling technique, Governor.


Mark Sanford Mourns Farrah Fawcett

June 27, 2009

Mark Sanford Mourns Farrah Fawcett

Governor Mark Sanford declared Tuesday an official Day of Public Mourning in South Carolina for model-slash-actress Farrah Fawcett, who died last Thursday following a lengthy, tragic TV special on NBC.

In prepared remarks the Governor explained that he never met Ms. Fawcett, but her best-selling poster afforded many hours of consolation for him and other residents of the boys’ dorms at Furman University in the 1980s. The rest of his remarks, addressed to the memory of the late actress, are rather rambling and personal:


GOP Governor Outsources Adultery

June 24, 2009

GOP Governor Outsources Adultery
(Photo courtesy SC Office of the Governor)

Republican Governor Mark Sanford of South Carolina admitted to a year-long adulterous affair today. Following the example of philandering Republican Senator John Ensign, he resigned his party leadership position. Mr. Sanford was chairman of the Republican Governors Association. 

Like Senator Ensign, Mark Sanford was considered a strong GOP presidential contender. Unlike Mr. Ensign, Governor Sanford did not have the common decency to violate his marriage vows on American soil with an employee or a friend’s wife, but outsouced his adultery to Argentina, a politically unwise move in a state that has seen most of its textile industry decamp for Latin America and Asia.