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Jade Rabbit on the Dark Side of the Moon

January 3, 2019

Jade Rabbit on the Dark Side of the Moon

The landing and rover phases of China’s Chang’e-4 unmanned spacecraft have landed on the dark side of the moon, in a crater named for a Hungarian-American JPL director. The Queqiao radio relay satellite orbiting above the moon enables the space robots on the moon’s far side to communicate with mission control in China. The mission’s rover, exploring the surface of the moon’s far side, is called Yutu-2, “Jade Rabbit.”

In Chinese myth, Chang’e is the Moon Goddess, and the Jade Rabbit (Yu Tu) is her pet. The China National Space Administration plans to land non-mythical personalities – astronauts – on the Moon by 2020, and set up a moon base in 2030.


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