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October 19, 2014

TV talker Bill O’Reilly has waged a persistent campaign denying the existence of White Privilege. Jon Stewart recently confronted him about it, asking about his upbringing in the original suburban subdivision, Levittown, on New York’s Long Island.

“It gave you a nice stable, a cheap home,” said Stewart, “there were no down payments.It was this incredible opportunity … Those houses were subsidized … It wasn’t lavish.”

O’Reilly: No, they weren’t subsidized. They were sold to GIs, and the GIs got a mortgage they could afford.”

Stewart: “Did that upbringing leave a mark on you even today?”

O’Reilly: “Of course. Every upbringing leaves a mark on people.”

Stewart: “Could black people live in Levittown?”

O’Reilly: “Not in that time — they could not.”

Stewart: “So that, my friend, is what we call in the business ‘white privilege.’”


Just Another DC Weekend

October 30, 2010

 Just Another DC Weekend

The District of Columbia hosts several events this weekend, as you may have heard. This city of 600,000 will be the location of the Rally to Restore Sanity, the March to Restore Fear, and dozens of counter-protests, spin-off rallies, and after-parties for each.

That’s not all. We have The Marine Corps Marathon, Howard University Homecoming (including the Military Bowl), Washington International Horse Show, Red Bull Soundclash, sports events, and countless Day of the Dead events and Halloween parties (including Zombie Lurches and a drunken mob scene in Georgetown.).

In order to better accommodate the expected weekend millions, the Chain Bridge will be closed, the subway system will undergo repairs, and dozens of streets will be closed.

In short, just another DC weekend.


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