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Smashed in Brooklyn: Andy Warhol

April 26, 2010

lSmashed in Brooklyn: Andy Warhol 

Last week in Brooklyn, people bashed Andy Warhol’s head with baseball bats, and pastries fell out. It was at a museum, and Mr. Warhol’s head was actually a 20-foot-tall  piñata. Celeb chef  Mario Batali broke his bat on Andy’s face. 

The spectacle introduced the dessert course at the Brooklyn Museum fundraising gala. Warhol’s head contained packaged Little Debbie snack cakes and/or Hostess Sno-Balls (accounts differ). The main course was roasted bunnies, and there was obviously lots of alcohol. There may have been some art around somewhere, too. 

Best headline: 

“In the Future, Everyone Will Be a Piñata for 15 Minutes,” Dave Itzkoff, New York Times Arts Beat blog. 


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