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How Jan Brewer Won

November 3, 2010

How Jan Brewer Won

How Jan Brewer won

Four words: Sun City  sympathy vote.




“The GOP’s Senior Moment,” Andrew Romano, Newsweek.


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Arizona: Talking Heads

September 12, 2010

Arizona: Talking Heads

Arizona Governor Janice Kay Brewer, one of the keenest minds ever to come out of Glendale Community College, seemed oddly confused and distracted during a recent televised debate:

“Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer stopped speaking during an interview and stared blankly at the camera for 30 seconds. The good news is, she’s now eligible to be governor of Alaska.” —Jay Leno

When she did speak, Governor Brewer rambled on about a scenic Arizona landscape littered with heads from decapitated bodies. The widely publicized claim, without any factual merit, is of understandable concern to Arizona’s large tourism industry.

There have also been questions about the mental health of the Arizona chief executive, especially given her family history. When a 66-year-old begins to spin wild tales and have memory and attention lapses, voters may have doubts. On the other hand, Governor Brewer may be making a sophisticated play for the Sun City sympathy vote.