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Jack Welch Quits, Raising Jobless Numbers

October 10, 2012

Jack Welch Quits, Raising Jobless Numbers

Jack Welch is sticking to his conspiracy theory, no matter how much it’s debunked and ridiculed . The Bureau of Labor Statistics, he says, that bunch of technocrats long trusted by Wall Street, an outfit without political appointees, cooked the books and fiddled the September employment figures to give President Obama’s re-election campaign a mild boost. They must be lousy cooks, though, since the drop in joblessness was a measly fraction of one percent. Mr. Welch was much better at this kind of thing when he “managed earnings” as CEO of GE.


Jobs Report: Unemployment Down, Conspiracy Theories Up

October 7, 2012

Jobs Report: Unemployment Down, Conspiracy Theories Up

The US unemployment rate dropped to 7.8 percent in September, its lowest level in 44 months. Employers added 114,000 workers to payrolls last month, and 86,000 more jobs were created in July and August than previously thought. There’s a great chart here for you visual learners. As economic news, this is only mildly encouraging; as political news it’s better for the Obama campaign than for Mr. Romney.

The Republicans responded to these facts the way they usually do, with conspiracy theories. This time the lunatic accuser wasn’t Herman Cain Michele Bachmann, or Donald Trump. This time it was former General Electric CEO Jack Welch, who claimed that the Bureau of Labor Statistics manipulated the figures, the kind of thing Mr. Welch did at GE. The BLS isn’t GE, though.