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Columbus Day Cuisine

October 8, 2011

Columbus Day Cuisine

On October 10, 2011, the Federal Office of Management and Budget observes the invasion of the Americas by Christophorus Columbus (aka Christoffa Corombo, Cristoforo Colombo, Cristóvão Colombo, Christovam Colom, and Cristóbal Colón), a Genoese private contractor working for the government of Castille. Federal employees have Monday off, even at the Bureau of Indian Affairs.

To celebrate at home, discover America’s food with a Decolonizing Diet dinner party. Serve only pre-contact foods: corn, beans, squash, game meats, fruit, fish, peppers and more  — but no wheat, sugar, pork, beef, dairy, processed foods, and so on. Dr. Martin Reinhardt at Northern Michigan University and a crew of twenty-five will be chowing down on indigenous grub for a year. Next month, like-minded folks elsewhere will try eating that way for a weekDr. Devon Mihesuah (University of Kansas) has some suggested recipes here.

Note: Monday, Oct. 10, 2010 is Native American Day in South Dakota.

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Image (“First Invasion of The Americas by Christopher Columbus, after Dioscoro Teofilo de la Puebla Tolin”) by Mike Licht. Download a copy here. Creative Commons license; credit Mike Licht,

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