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Tea Party Vacation Bible School

July 12, 2011

Tea Party Vacation Bible School

Summer’s here, time for Vacation Bible School. This year, Evangelist and presidential candidate Michele Bachmann (R, MN- 6) will lead the classes (the Lord told her to, no doubt). Courses include:


Word of the Year in a Year of Hate

November 16, 2010

Word of the Year in a Year of Hate

The New Oxford American Dictionary has announced the 2010 Word of the Year: Refudiate. The coinage, a conflation “repudiate” and “refute,” was used by former Temp-Governor of Alaska Sarah Palin to inflame religious intolerance and defend race hatred. Mrs. Palin, a scholarly former sportscaster who attended five colleges, one of them twice, used the word intentionally, first on the Sean Hannity Show and then in a famous tweet.