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The Korean War Is Over! Sorta. Maybe. Possibly.

December 14, 2021

“South and North Korea, China and the US have agreed ‘in principle’ to declare a formal end to the Korean war, almost 70 years after the conflict ended in a shaky truce, the South Korean president, Moon Jae-in, has said.

But Moon conceded that talks on the 1950-53 war were being held back by North Korean objections to present-day ‘US hostility’.

Speaking in Canberra on Monday during his four-day visit to Australia, Moon said he believed the four main parties agreed in principle to a peace declaration.

But he added that North Korea had made an end to US hostility a precondition for talks.”

— Justin McCurry, The Guardian


“President Moon Jae-in: End to Korean War agreed to ‘in principle,'” Rebecca Falconer, Axios

“Is South Korea close to officially ending the Korean War?” Julian Ryall, DW News

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