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Shootings at 3 Gun Shows on ‘Gun Appreciation Day’

January 20, 2013

Shootings at 3 Gun Shows on 'Gun Appreciation Day'

While firearms enthusiasts around the country rallied in support of their gun show loophole, gun owners at three gun shows managed to shoot each other:

“Police say a security guard and two others were wounded Saturday afternoon at the Dixie Gun & Knife Show after a shotgun went off as it was being checked in. The gun owner was planning to sell the weapon at the show, which attracts thousands of people to the fairgrounds in West Raleigh.”

 “As part of Saturday’s national Gun Appreciation Day, gun-rights supporters marched around the Legislative Building in downtown Raleigh. State Capitol Police estimated the crowd numbered around 200 people.”

— “Three wounded at shooting at Dixie Gun & Knife Show,” T . Keung Hui and Hayley Paytes, Charlotte Observer