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Who Supports Gun Show Background Checks? The NRA.

April 14, 2013

Who Supports Gun Show Background Checks? The NRA.

“We think it ‘s reasonable to provide for instant checks at gun shows just like at gun stores and pawn shops.”

Wayne R. LaPierre
Executive Vice-President, National Rifle Association
Testimony before the House Judiciary Committee Subcommittee on Crime
U. S. House of Representatives, May 27, 1999 (transcript)


Gun Shows Near Newtown Canceled

January 5, 2013

Gun Shows Near Newtown Canceled

 “Four gun shows, all about an hour’s drive from Newtown, Conn., all canceled.

A show in White Plains, N.Y., — brought back a few years ago after being called off for a decade because of the Columbine shooting — is off because officials decided it didn’t seem appropriate now, either. In Danbury, Conn. — about 10 miles west of Newtown — the venue backed out. Same with three other shows in New York’s Hudson Valley, according to the organizer.


Tucson Massacre Memorial Gun Show

January 15, 2011

Tucson Massacre Memorial Gun Show

It’s been a week since six people were killed and thirteen wounded in Tucson. To commemorate this tragic event, the Arizona city is hosting a memorial gun show at the Pima County Fairgrounds (discount coupon here). The Crosshairs of the West Gun Show means fun for the whole family: M-16s, AK 47s, and funnel cakes, too.

Tucson TV station KGUN tells us the Safeway at Oracle and Ina has re-opened  As Scott Simon puts it, “Amid tragedy, Tucson shows what it’s made of.”

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