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Young People In Japan Aren’t Drinking Enough

August 26, 2022

Young People In Japan Aren't Drinking Enough

Japan’s young people aren’t drinking up, the number of the nation’s older imbibers is shrinking, and nightlife is down due to COVID, so tax revenue from alcohol is down. To boost boozing, the National Tax Agency’s new “Sake Viva!” contest invites youngsters to submit business ideas to encourage alcohol consumption. You can even submit entries from abroad if they’re written in Japanese. Kanpai! (“Bottoms Up!”; “Cheers!”).


“Japan has a message for its young adults: Drink more alcohol,” Rachel Pannett and Julia Mio Inuma, Washington Post

“Drink Up, Japan Tells Young People. I’ll Pass, Many Reply.” Hikari Hida and John Yoon, New York Times


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Image (“Young Beauty With iPhone, after Kikugawa Eizan”) by Mike Licht. Download a copy here. Creative Commons license; credit Mike Licht,

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