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The Pizza Belt

July 13, 2013

The Pizza Belt

  • “The Pizza Belt is defined as ‘the area of the United States where the chance of obtaining an adequate-to-good slice of pizza from a randomly chosen pizzeria is greater than 50 percent.’
  • Taken at its strictest, The True Pizza Belt runs, more or less contiguously, hugging the coast, from southern New Jersey to Providence, R.I. ….
  • Lowering the chances to one in three, or slightly expanding our definition of ‘adequate,’ gives us The Greater Pizza Belt Area, a zone spanning Washington D.C., to Boston, Mass., going no further inland than Albany, N.Y. “
  • “Beyond the Greater Pizza Belt Area is a wasteland. “

— “The Pizza Belt: the Most Important Pizza Theory You’ll Read,” Max Read, Gawker


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Image  [does not necessarily constitute an endorsement of Fat Sal’s pizza] by Mike Licht. Download a copy here.  Creative Commons license; credit Mike Licht,

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New York’s Filthiest Fine Restaurants

March 2, 2012

New York's Filthiest Fine Restaurants

Slobs like you decide where to eat by consulting Yelp, but the monied classes rely on Le Guide Michelin Rouge, which rates restaurants by awarding stars. New York City’s Health Department rates restaurants too, according to hygiene, and eateries must post their sanitary inspection letter grades in their front windows. Gawker has noticed that some restaurants with high Michelin ratings have low health inspection grades. These include:


The Web is Dead. It’s All Over the Web.

August 19, 2010

The Web is Dead. It's All Over the Web.

 As Ryan Tate puts it: “Wired Says ‘The Web is Dead’— On Its Increasingly Profitable Website.”