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Paulista Coup at Right-Wing Religious ‘Summit’

October 11, 2011

Paulista Coup at Right-Wing Religious'Summit'

Republican presidential candidates debated theology with right-wing fundamentalists this weekend in Washington. The Values Voters Summit, produced by the Family Research Council, staged a “Straw Poll” beauty contest, and lovely and talented Congressman Ron Paul won the tiara.

Conservative blogger Ed Morrisey notes:

” … to say that the Values Voters Summit organizers are skeptical of Paul’s win is an understatement. Tony Perkins [President of the Family Research Council] twice noted that 600 tickets were bought this morning, and that a great many people left after Paul’s speech. The conference sold 3406 registrations, well over their 2007 record of around 2700. If half of those 600 were Paul ringers [aka Paulbots -ml] and we take them out of the equation, then Cain would have finished first, 27/26 with Santorum at 19%. If 80% of today’s registrants were Paul ringers and are removed, Cain would have had 32% of the vote, followed by Santorum at 23% and Perry in third place with 12%.” [Notes and links added]