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Electric Bike or Electric Motorcycle?

February 10, 2020

Electric Bike or Electric Motorcycle?

Every evening, untold thousands of New Yorkers get dinner delivered by electric bike riders, but those vehicles are technically illegal. NYPD officers have been ticketing deliverymen even though lunch at NYPD HQ gets delivered by e-bikes.

The root problem is definition: when is a bike not a bike? When does a “power-assisted bike” become a moped, motorscooter, or motorcycle? And when do electric 2-wheeler riders need operator licenses? As with e-commerce, ridehail, Airbnb, and consumer drones, lawmakers are fighting a rearguard action after technology got well ahead of regulation, and it’s hitting New Yorkers where they eat. Ironically, NYC says it will let UPS make deliveries by ebike.


“Electric Bikes Are Blurring The Line Between Bicycles And Motorcycles,” Matt Brown, Jalopnik


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Push for Pizza

August 6, 2014

Push for Pizza

And they say American Innovation is dead.

Push For Pizza sounds like something a stoned teenager would come up with while weighing the pros and cons of ordering food late at night: ‘I’m super hungry, but I don’t want to interact with people or decide between a bunch of options. If only there were another way…’”

— “Push For Pizza Is Yo For Food Delivery,” Kyle Russell, Techcrunch