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Avian Aliens Down Jet

June 11, 2009

Avian aliens Down Jet

Invaders  from the North brought down US Airways Flight 1549, say investigators. The Airbus A320 aircraft, safely landed in the Huson River by Captain Chesney Sullenberger, was attacked by migratory elements of a Branta canadensis contingent that crossed the border from Canada.

Scientists analyzed samples of feathers and  pâté snarge the divebombers left in the aircraft engines, and DNA evidence indicates that the terrorist cell originated in Labrador or Newfoundland. Many theorists had posited a conspiracy of alien squatters, as millions of Canada geese have illegally settled permanently in the United States. When the attackers were identified as migratory foreigners, a great honk of relief emanated from America’s golf courses and cemeteries.

The news also recieved much attention in the Canadian media: