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Supreme Court Requires Blood Sacrifice

June 24, 2022

Supreme Court Requires Blood Sacrifice
The Supreme Court of the United States thinks you should be able to carry a concealed handgun in public just because you think it’s cool and want to feel like a big shot. For over a century, New York had required gun owners to have a reason to carry a concealed weapon. Police issued concealed carry permits to business owners who carry bags of cash to a bank’s night deposit facility, those who had a demonstrable proper cause to be concerned for their personal safety, and so on. Now any dumb schmuck who hasn’t been caught committing a crime — yet — will be enabled to do so, with deadly consequences, thanks to six SCOTUS conservative ideologues. That doesn’t sound like a “well-regulated militia” to us.

What can you expect?

  • More gunshot deaths, murders and suicides.
  • More civilians killed by police, who will be more likely to assume that anyone they come into contact with is armed with a concealed deadly weapon.


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