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Speedy … but ‘Smart’?

May 29, 2009

Speedy ... but 'Smart'?

Not only is DC Mayor Adrian Fenty still using his city-owned Lincoln Navigator luxury SUV, but his well-publicized city-owned “Smart Car” is just another perk tossed to a well-paid aide.

Mike DeBonis at Washington City Paper discovered that the Mayor’s fuel-efficient “Smart Car” got a speeding ticket (via an automatic speed camera) while Hizzoner was driving, but mayoral assistant Veronica Washington seems to drive the trendy buggy home fairly regularly. Ms. Washington’s salary: $107,635. Cost of the “Passion” Smart Car: $18,000. Seems like she could afford one of her own.

In the Fenty administration, “Green Initiatives” must refer to the color of public money and the privileges it buys, not the environment.


Satirical image by Mike Licht. Download a copy here. Creative Commons license; credit Mike Licht,

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Wrong Turn Leads to Dirt Road

May 28, 2009

Wrong Turn Leads to Dirt Road

DC Mayor Adrian Fenty let pal Keith P. Lomax drive his city-owned SUV to a sports event and defended this by saying, essentially, “It’s legal if I say it is.”  While DC Attorney General Peter “Virginia Gentleman” Nickles seemed to uphold this notion, DC Auditor Deborah K. Nichols emphatically declared it illegal for anyone but DC Government employees to drive a DC Government car.

Mayor Fenty admitted error this morning, telling reporters “I made a bad decision,” and “”I’m not going to do that anymore. No more letting anyone else drive.”  But this new attitude of humility may have more to do with discouraging scrutiny of DC contract cronyism than with correcting mayoral hubris.


Street Light User Fee

April 27, 2009

Streetlight User Fee

District of Columbia Mayor Adrian Fenty has proposed imposing a street light “user fee” on residents and businesses in Washington DC. Funds raised would help defray costs of street light maintenance and operation, and would be collected through surcharges on electric utility bills. If enacted, the measure would cost average DC households about $51 a year.

The rationale for a “user fee” is that it isn’t a tax imposed on everyone; a user fee is only paid by those using a specific service, and is proportional to the rate of use. Mayor Fenty’s measure, however,  does not exempt blind Washingtonians from this “user fee,” and they are not consumers of street light services.