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Trump Administration Seeks Indefinite Detention of Migrant Children

September 7, 2018

Trump Administration Seeks Indefinite Detention of Migrant Children

In July U.S. District Judge Dolly M. Gee held that the federal government violated the 1997 Flores settlement by detaining immigrant children seeking asylum for more than 20 days. There are still 500 children in government-run shelters, so naturally the Trump Administration wants to change the rules and do an end-run around Flores. HHS and DHS submitted a Proposed Rule this morning that would allow the indefinite detention of child asylum seekers. “Indefinite” as in “maybe forever,” or until the kids grow up and are old enough to deport.

Other provisions of the new rule would allow children and families to be held in facilities that haven’t been approved for state or local licenses, give facilities “emergency” loopholes for not meeting standards of care, revoke legal protections for unaccompanied migrant children.


“Trump Administration Moves to Sidestep Restrictions on Detaining Migrant Children,” Caitlin Dickerson, New York Times

“Trump seeks changes in landmark agreement limiting how long migrant children can be detained,” Victoria Kim, Los Angeles Times

“Don’t Let Migrant Kids Rot,” New York Times editorial


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Image by Mike Licht. Download a copy here. Creative Commons license; credit Mike Licht,

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GOP Family Values

June 25, 2018

GOP Family Values

Attorney General Jefferson Beauregard Sessions recently authorized the separation of migrant mothers and children at the US border, and about 2000 children are now in detention centers. It seems cruel, but Mr. Sessions claims Biblical authority, the same passage used to justify slavery. Many disagree, including the United Methodist Church, to which Jeff Sessions belongs.

President Donald Trump authorized family separation but reversed course when Fox News started covering crying children separated from their parents. As of this moment there is only a vague plan to reunite 2000 detained migrant kids with their parents, and indications are that, moving forward, parents and children will be locked up together, a practice illegal under current law.

Most recently, President Trump has suggested abandoning the rule of law by denying due process to detained migrants, instituting summary deportations.


“It’s Happening Here Because Americans Can’t Admit it’s Happening Here,” Umair Haque, The Independent

“Trump Says Illegal Immigrants Should Be Deported With ‘No Judges or Court Cases,'” Doina Chiacu and Sarah N. Lynch, Reuters via U.S. News & World Report

“Trump stokes immigration chaos with call for summary deportations,” John Swaine, The Guardian

“AP Fact Check: Trump’s take on immigrant crime off mark,” Colleen Long, Associated Press

“A Trump quote about evicting tenants greets detained migrant children,” Annalisa Merelli, Quartz

“The multibillion-dollar business of sheltering migrant children, explained,” Emily Stewart, Vox

“How to sleep at night when families are being separated at the border,” Alexandra Petri, Washington Post

“‘At Least During the Internment …’ Are Words I Thought I’d Never Utter,” George Takei, Foreign Policy

“The Shameless Fakery of Trump’s Retreat on Family Separations,” Frank Rich, New York Magazine

“There’s no migration crisis – the crisis is political opportunism,” Doug Sanders, Globe & Mail

“White House aide Miller targeted in backlash over family separations,” Nancy Cook, Politico


“Trump will reunite separated families — but only if they agree to deportation,” Dara Lind, Vox

“Call A 1-800 Number And Wait: Migrant Parents Search For Their Children,” Mallory Falk, NPR

“How the Humanitarian Crisis on the Mexico Border Could Worsen,” Jonathan Blitzer, The New Yorker

“Do undocumented immigrants have the right to a day in court? The Supreme Court answered in 1896.” Annalisa Merelli, Quartz

“Summer Camp at the Nightmare Factory,” Patrick Blanchfield, The Revealer


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Image by Mike Licht. Download a copy here. Creative Commons license; credit Mike Licht,

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Inside a Border Internment Camp for Migrant Kids

June 15, 2018

Above: Video provided by authorities, not the media.

On Tuesday, MSNBC’s Jacob Soboroff toured Casa Padre, a former Walmart that houses nearly 1,500 migrant children in Brownsville. It’s got an inspirational mural of Donald Trump. Since it was established in March 2017, Casa Padre has been cited for 17 child welfare infractions by Texas inspectors. This is one of 26 shelters in Texas, Arizona and California, Georgia, New York, Wisconsin and Florida, holding a total of 14,000 immigrant children and youths, run by an outfit called Southwest Key.


“Child abuse is now part of America’s official immigration policy,” Michael Paarlberg, The Guardian

“Conservative Religious Leaders Are Denouncing Trump Immigration Policies,” Laurie Goodstein, New York Times

“Trump and Sessions have created prisons for Spanish-speaking children,” Eugene Robinson, Washington Post

“No, Jeff Sessions, Separating Kids From Their Parents Isn’t ‘Biblical,'” Ed Kilgore, New York Magazine


Trump Blames Dems for His Own Parent-Child Separation Policy

May 31, 2018

Trump Blames Dems for His Own Parent-Child Separation Policy

During the weekend, President and part-time parent Donald Trump blamed Democrats for a U.S. policy separating undocumented parents and children at the border. “Put pressure on the Democrats to end the horrible law that separates children from there [sic] parents once they cross the Border into the U.S.,” he tweeted on Saturday.

But there is no such law, and it wasn’t Democrats who instituted that policy, it was the Trump Administration. “If you are smuggling a child, then we will prosecute you and that child will be separated from you,” said Attorney General Jeff Sessions on May 7th. “If you don’t like that, then don’t smuggle children over our border.”

Separating parents and children isn’t cruel, explained White House Chief of Staff John Kelly.“The children will be taken care of — put into foster care or whatever.”


“Trump is blaming Democrats for separating migrant families at the border. Here’s why this isn’t a surprise.” Seung Min Kim, Washington Post

“Hidden Horrors of ‘Zero Tolerance’ — Mass Trials and Children Taken From Their Parents,” Debbie Nathan, The Intercept

“Trump’s ‘zero tolerance’ at the border is causing child shelters to fill up fast,” Nick Miroff, Washington Post

“Trump administration preparing to hold immigrant children on military bases,” Nick Miroff and Paul Sonne, Washington Post

“Ivanka Trump photo with son sparks backlash over border separations,” Tom McCarthy, The Guardian 

“How the Trump Administration Got Comfortable Separating Immigrant Kids from Their Parents,” Jonathan Blitzer, The New Yorker

“Blowback over border separations amps up tensions inside Trump administration,” Nancy Cook and Ted Hesson, Politico

“A moral crisis grips the US border. Yet the religious right is shamefully silent,” Marilynne Robinson, The Guardian

“U.S. Border Stations Are Now Overflowing With Migrant Children,”Ashley Hackett, Pacific Standard


“UN says US must stop separating migrant children from parents,” AFP via The Guardian

“I work with children separated from caregivers at the border. What happens is unforgivable.” 

“Federal judge advances ACLU lawsuit challenging separation of parents, children at border,” Brooke Seipel, The Hill

“Trump quadruples down on false claim that ‘Democrat rules’ are forcing his administration to separate immigrant families,” Summer Meza, The Week

“Honduran Man Killed Himself After Being Separated From Family at Border,” Benjamin Hart, New York Magazine

“‘They just took them?’ Frantic parents separated from their kids fill courts on the border,” Michael E. Miller, Washington Post

“Separating Children From Their Parents Is a New Low for Our Immigration System,” Michelle Chen, The Nation

“‘Children are being used as a tool’ in Trump’s effort to stop border crossings,” Liz Goodwin, Boston Globe

“‘Mothers could not stop crying’: Lawmaker blasts Trump policy after visiting detained immigrants,” Amy B. Wang, Washington Post

“Report: Trump administration looks to build tent villages for migrant children,” Stef W. Kight, Axios

“Hugh Hewitt to Jeff Sessions: Why Is It Necessary To Separate Parents From Children When Detained At Border?” Tim Hains, RCP Livewire

“Immigrant moms in SeaTac prison ‘could hear their children screaming,'” Casey Martin, KUOW

“President of Catholic bishops group calls policy separating migrant families ‘immoral,’” Luis Sanchez, The Hill

“CNN: Jailed Immigrant Mother Says Child Was Taken During Breastfeeding,” Matt Shuham, TPM Livewire


“Dr. Ruth, Dr. Kissinger, and Trump’s Cruelty to Families,” George Packer, The New Yorker


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Illustration by Dr. Seuss (Theodor Geissel), from the PM newspaper, October 1, 1941.  See more here.

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