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Mosquito Festival!

July 18, 2015

Mosquito Festival

The internet is just humming about Mosquito Festivals. If you’re just itching to go this summer, there’s only one pesky problem: Which one to go to? The mosquito festival in Texas has some pretty good music, but the one in Russia has a Most Delicious Girl Contest judged by swarms of bloodthirsty insects. There are ‘skeeter celebrations in Oregon, Indiana, Arkansas, Montana, New York State, and Italy. No wonder blood bank deposits are running low.

We just hope these insect-centered events live up to all the buzz, and to the high standards set by the big Blackfly Festivals of Vermont and Maine and the legendary Luckenbach Mud Dauber Festival & Chili Cookoff.


“How mosquitoes zero in on warm bodies,” Jonathan Webb, BBC News

“The 20 Most Mosquito-Plagued U.S. Cities,” Vicky Gan, CityLab


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