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Washington Prepares for Frankenstorm

October 28, 2012

Washington Prepares for Frankenstorm

DC households were alerted to the impending danger of Hurricane Sandy’s imminent arrival by robocalls from Pepco, telling us to buy our own generators, stockpile batteries, and to pray. The District Government had already declared a State of Emergency, so Washingtonians reacted with their customary calm, racing to stores to buy out stocks of toilet paper, batteries, canned goods, flashlights and bottled water before their neighbors could. Here on Capitol Hill, of course, emergency rations must meet more exacting standards (see photo, above).

But what else should we do before the Frankenstorm? Florida is constantly storm-pummeled, so we consulted the Miami Herald‘s hurricane preparedness checklist:

• Remove coconuts and other yard debris.
• Make arrangements to move your boat to safe harbor or secure it.

Um, okay … got it.

Other checklists (from the Red Cross, the Weather ChannelNOAA, The Washington Post, SBADC Homeland Security, PEPCO, National Geographic, FEMA) omit these vital pointers: