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Liar George Santos Arrested on Federal Criminal Charges

May 11, 2023

Liar George Santos Arrested on Federal Criminal Charges

Serial liar and Republican Congressman George Santos (AKA Anthony ZabrovskyAnthony DevolderGeorge Devolder and Kitara Ravache) of New York’s 3th District was indicted by a Federal grand jury Tuesday on multiple federal counts of money laundering, stealing public money, wire fraud and making false statements to Congress in his House financial disclodures. He was arrested Wednesday, and arraigned at the Eastern District Federal Courthouse in Central Islip, NY. Mr. Santos pleaded not guilty, and was  set loose on a helpless public while awaiting trial. His $500,000 bond was secured by three unnamed individuals. His next court date is June 30. George Santos remains in Congress until his inevitable conviction.

The indictment charges that Mr. Santos solicited campaign donations, then used the funds for personal expenses, including luxury designer clothes and paying off his credit cards and and car payments. He also obtained unemployment benefits fraudulently.

Previously, George Santos lied about his: high schoolcollegeever going to college, volleyball prowessgrad schoolreligionracefamily historywork historyfinances, owning 13 real estate propertiesknee replacements, his yacht brokerage, appearing on Hanna Montana, developing carbon capture technologyfilm acting, losing employees in the Pulse nightclub shooting, getting mugged, being a drag queen, having a brain tumor, running a pet rescue charitypast marital status, getting COVID, and his own mother’s death.

His newest fib: he’s innocent and the trial is a ‘witch hunt.”


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“Read the George Santos Indictment,” New York Times

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Image by Mike Licht, Download a copy hereNote: Politifact hasn’t yet fact-checked George Santo’s statements. Maybe it’s too overwhelming.

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Feds Follow Christine O’Donnell Money Trail

December 29, 2010

Feds Follow Christine O'Donnell Money Trail

The bewitching Christine O’Donnell, Tea Party sweetheart, meat-eating  anti-masturbation crusader and Constitutional scholar, is being investigated by federal authorities for improper use of funds from her failed Senate campaign. Somehow $20,000 in campaign funds just … disappeared. Must have been magic.