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‘Testing and Choice Are Undermining Education’

October 25, 2010

Teaching and Choice Are Undermining Education

“Teacher evaluation is a red herring, a diversion. A diversion intended to take our glance away from the poverty and racial isolation in which these students live. It salves the conscience of the billionaire boys club and enables them to blame hard-working teachers for the poverty and inequality that mars our society and hurts children.”

— Dr. Diane Ravitch, September 24, 2010

” … the CREDO study … evaluated student progress on math tests in half the nation’s five thousand charter schools and concluded that 17 percent were superior to a matched traditional public school; 37 percent were worse than the public school; and the remaining 46 percent had academic gains no different from that of a similar public school. The proportion of charters that get amazing results is far smaller than 17 percent.

–“The Myth of Charter Schools,” Diane Ravitch, New York Review of Books


Changing Education Paradigms

October 23, 2010

Here’s part of a talk about education and creativity by Sir Ken Robinson, interpreted for RSA Animate by Cognitive Media.  The entire address may be seen here.


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