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Banned in Billings? Montana Republican Wants to Outlaw Yoga Pants

February 16, 2015

Banned in Billings? Montana Republican Wants to Outlaw Yoga Pants

“A Montana state lawmaker is pushing legislation that would ban yoga pants and Speedos in public because they ‘give the realistic appearance’ of certain parts of a person’s anatomy that should count as indecent exposure.

No, seriously.

Republican David Moore proposed the bill, according to the Billings Gazette, after he witnessed naked bicyclists last year and decided to crack down on indecent exposure laws. But beyond just people exposing certain body parts they shouldn’t, Moore also wants to crack down on clothing that conforms to certain areas of the body.

And that includes yoga pants, which, Moore said, ‘should be illegal in public anyway.’”

— “Montana Pol Pushes Bill That Would Make It Illegal to Wear Yoga Pants in Public,” Josh Feldman, Mediaite

The Montana House Judiciary Committee has tabled the bill, and the proposal has permanently assumed the Sleeping Vishnu Asana.


Business Attire

June 29, 2009

Business Attire

The City Council of Brooksville, Florida has revised the dress code for city employees. They must wear underwear.

Undies  must not be “exposed,” however. 

Sigh. If it’s not one thing, it’s another.

Also verboten: clothing with foul language or messages promoting drug use written on it, halter tops and other “sexually provocative” garments, and piercings anywhere except the ears.

Something city workers must wear: deodorant.  Brooksville (population: 8,000) is 45 miles north of Tampa, 15 miles east of the Gulf. Today’s weather: 89 °F, Heat Index: 99 °F.


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