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Trump Pandemic Plan: Order Steak

April 29, 2020

Trump Pandemic Plan: Order Steak

President and former steak peddler Donald Trump has invoked the Defense Production Act, previously used to save American lives in wartime and disasters, ordering low-wage employees to work in coronavirus-ridden meat packing plants during a pandemic. Meat workers are stationed shoulder-to-shoulder on fast-moving production lines, performing dangerous jobs. There is no evidence that meat plants have been retooled to allow social distancing between workers. At least 5000 workers have been exposed to the virus, 17 are known to have died, and at least 20 huge packing plants have shut down due to coronavirus outbreaks.

Yesterday, at the time of the president’s order, more Americans had died during the COVID-19 pandemic than in the entire Vietnam conflict.


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Union response:

“Trump Order to Keep Meatpacking Plants Open Must Include Immediate Action to Strengthen Coronavirus Testing and Safety Measures,” UFCW


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