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Dr. Demento

July 6, 2010

Dr. Demento

Radio is changing. For the first time in 40 years, it won’t have Doctor Demento

As Barry Hansen, Dr. D.  studied music at Reed College and earned an MA in Folklore and Ethnomusicology from UCLA, where he was a classmate of musician John Fahey. The good Doctor began working at KPPC-FM in Los Angeles in 1970, and developed a following for his highly-devloped taste in … unusual pop music of many eras.  Look up “Novelty Song” in Wikipedia and the entry notes “See also: Dr. Demento.” His weekly show began syndication in 1974, a weekly two-hour program of “novelty” records and plain wierdness. It ceased last month.

The end of the broadcast probably says more about the state of radio and recording than the popularity of the Doctor’s … musical specialty. The Dr. Demento Show will continue as an online-only streaming audio feature.