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Betsy’s Public School Experience

November 9, 2017

Betsy's School Experience

We’ve all been saying that the Trump Administration’s for-profit-school-loving Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos has no experience in public schools, but that’s not exactly true. Working with a church group, Mrs. DeVos had her chauffeur drop her off at Burton Elementary School in Grand Rapids, where she tutored– “mentored” one student for one hour each week.

The public school, where 97.6% of students get free or reduced-price lunch, is 88% Latino, and many kids don’t speak English at home, so volunteers are appreciated. And billionaire Betsy DeVos did what any school volunteer would: hired the student’s mother as a maid and bought her a car. After a few years, Ms. DeVos subsidized the young girl’s transfer to a private Christian school.

So that’s how Betsy DeVos knows that school choice works. We look forward to new federal programs that provide jobs and cars to families of all poor students, nationwide.

 Radio producer Susan Burton explored Betsy DeVos’ public school experience for This American Life in an episode titled “Vouching Towards Bethlehem“:


Betsy DeVos Is Demolishing Public Education

June 8, 2017

Betsy DeVos Is Demolishing Public Education
“Donald Trump and Betsy DeVos’s proposed budget for the US Department of Education is a boon for privatization and a disaster for public schools and low-income college students. They want to cut federal spending on education by 13.6 percent. Some programs would be eliminated completely; others would face deep reductions. They want to cut $10.6 billion from existing programs and divert $1.4 billion to charter schools and to vouchers for private and religious schools. This budget reflects Trump and DeVos’s deep hostility to public education and their desire to shrink the Department of Education, with the ultimate goal of getting rid of it entirely.”

— “The Demolition of American Education,” Diane Ravitch, New York Review of Books