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GOP Convention: Look Out, Cleveland….

March 16, 2016

GOP Convention: Look Out, Cleveland ....

Reality TV star and billionaire thug Donald M. Trump, fresh from the triumph of winning the Florida GOP primary, shared his vision of this summer’s Republican National Convention in Cleveland. If he’s a few hundred delegates shy of 1,237 and isn’t the nominee: “I think you’d have riots,” he told Chris Cuomo,  “I think you’d have problems like you’ve never seen before. I think bad things would happen.”

But since GOP delegates are selected by GOP state committees and not the candidates, they represent the Republican Party first, so the convention is not necessarily a Trump Coronation. Look out, Cleveland.


‘I Have a Dream” Nightmare

August 3, 2010

'I Have a Dream' Nightmare
August 28th will mark the 47th anniversary of Rev. Martin Luther King’s “March on Washington.” To commemorate this landmark of nonviolence and the martyred  moral leader, media demagogue Glenn Beck and the National Rifle Association will throw a party. It will be in the same place as the 1963 march: the Lincoln Memorial, shrine to an American president who was shot to death.

Instead of Dr. King, the mob will hear consummate orator Sarah Palin; instead of singer Marian Anderson, the music of noted patriot and guitarist Ted Nugent. What could be more respectful or fitting?