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Trump Tells Murderous Dictator Location of U.S. Nuclear Subs

May 25, 2017

Trump Tells Murderous Dictator Location of U.S. Nuclear Subs
Weeks before revealing “codename-level” intelligence information to the Russian Foreign Minister, President Trump called Philippine strongman Rodrigo Duterte and told him where U.S. nuclear submarines are located. Subs are stealth assets, and defense officials, who never talk about their deployment, were horrified.

It’s getting harder for Americans to avoid asking if Mr. Trump is too incompetent to be president, or for foreign allies to ask themselves if the U.S. president can be trusted with sensitive information. Of course, we might want to ask why President Trump is praising a brutal dictator like Duterte, whose death squads have executed thousands without trials.

Read the Trump-Duterte call transcript here.


“Israel alters US intelligence-sharing rules after Trump’s Russia meeting: report,” Ellen Mitchell, The Hill


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Powerful Threat from North Korea

March 8, 2013

Powerful Threat From North Korea

North Korea has threatened the United States with nuclear attack. The communist regime is reacting to new UN sanctions it received after being caught conducting a third underground nuclear test last month.  Pyongyang has specifically targeted Washington DC, and we residents of ground zero are a bit more edgy, even though the USA has Dennis Rodman playing man-on-man with Kim Jong Un.