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Dan Snyder Stops Embarrassing the NFL

September 11, 2011

Dan Snyder Stops Embarrassing the NFL

Dan Snyder, billionaire owner of DC’s professional football team, has withdrawn his harassing lawsuit against the Washington City Paper, which had the audacity to print facts leading to the inevitable conclusion that Mr. Snyder is a monumental jerk. The fact that his suit clearly violated the District of Columbia’s anti-SLAPP law might have had something to do with this action.

Now if Mr. Snyder would only change the racist name of his team, and they would win a few football games, the town might have a team it could be proud of.

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Dan Snyder’s Favorite Sport

April 26, 2011

Dan Snyder's Favorite Sport

Anyone familiar with professional sports in the Nation’s Capital knows that Dan Snyder, millionaire owner of that losing NFL team with the racist name, obviously cares nothing for football.  So what does he like?  Suing the bejesus out of anyone who prints anything justifiably critical of his actions, even a little local weekly with a newstand price of zero.

Mr. Snyder has announced that he is re-filing his lawsuit:

“Why I am suing Washington City Paper,” Dan Snyder, Washington Post