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TV: Will the DC NFL Team Name Be Benched?

September 12, 2014

TV: Will the DC NFL Team Name Be Benched?

Sportscasters Tony Dungy, Phil Simms, Tom Jackson, and Lisa Salters won’t use the racist, derogatory name of DC’s NFL team. Neither will ESPN’s Lindsay Czarniak, who comes from the DC area. But what if the FCC rules that name cannot be uttered over the public airwaves?

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler says he finds the name “offensive and derogatory” and believes it should be changed. He hopes DC team owner Dan Snyder will come to his senses and change the name voluntarily.

But former FCC Chairman Reed Hundt and former Commissioners Jonathan Adelstein and Nicholas Johnson are urging the FCC to make an indecency case against broadcasters who use the name on the air.


Dan Snyder Fires Mike Shanahan

December 30, 2013

Dan Snyder Fires Dan Shanahan
Another American joined the ranks of the unemployed today as Dan Snyder, owner of Washington DC’s NFL team (the one with a racial slur for a name), fired coach Mike Shanahan.

Mr.Shanahan was the 7th head coach under team owner Snyder since he bought the franchise in 1999. Sounds like the franchise needs a new owner much more than a new coach. A new name wouldn’t hurt, either.


NFL R-Word Rally in Green Bay On Sunday

September 14, 2013

NFL R-Word Rally in Green Bay on Sunday
There will be a protest this Sunday at Lambeau Field when the Packers host a team from the Nation’s Capital, the NFL team with a Native American slur for a name. That game will be played in an Oneida neighborhood, Green Bay Wisconsin. New York’s Oneida Nation will air local radio spots protesting that racist team name, so even the Menominee community 45 miles away will get the message. But will DC team owner Dan Snyder?

Mr. Snyder has thus far avoided hearing the voice of reason calling for a team name change, but the Washington Post editorial board heard it loud and clear. So have many sportswriters, most recently Christine Brennan of USA Today. Mark Murphy, CEO of the Green Bay Packers, a former DC player who wore that racist name on his jersey in two Superbowls, says Mr. Snyder should think about changing it. So does NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.

As Keith Olbermann observes, the Washington team’s moniker has been “the last racist name you can say at the office without being fired” thanks to Dan Snyder and the NFL.


Oneida Nation Takes on the DC R-Word

September 8, 2013

Oneida Nation Takes on the DC R-Word

The Oneida Indian Nation has kicked off a campaign to pressure Washington’s pro football team into changing its name. “Using a slur and making a mascot out of our indigenous culture has no place in such a society,” says Oneida Nation Representative Ray Halbritter. “We believe that with the help of our fellow professional football fans, we can get the NFL to realize the error of its ways and make a very simple change.”

When DC’s NFL team opens its season against the Eagles at home this Monday, a “Change the Mascot” radio spot will run on  all-news WTOP and sports-talk WJFK. When the team goes on the road, so will the radio campaign to end use of this trademarked racial slur.

Billionaire team owner Dan Snyder claims Native Americans don’t see the name as derogatory, but the Oneidas see otherwise. Judging by coverage of this issue in Indian Country Today, they are not alone.


Embarrassing End to Dismal DC NFL Season

January 1, 2012

Dismal DC NFL Season

Today’s final score in the final game of the season: Philadelphia 34, Washington 10. For the fourth straight year, Washington DC’s professional football team finished last in their division. Perhaps this abysmal season — and decade  — is the result of bad karma due to a team name that trademarks racial slurs and stereotypes. But don’t expect any change in the name or losing performance. The team is run by the worst owner in the league, Dan Snyder.


“It’s time once again to tell Washington’s football team to ditch the ‘Redskins’ racist moniker,” Courtland Milloy, Washington Post.


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Dan Snyder Stops Embarrassing the NFL

September 11, 2011

Dan Snyder Stops Embarrassing the NFL

Dan Snyder, billionaire owner of DC’s professional football team, has withdrawn his harassing lawsuit against the Washington City Paper, which had the audacity to print facts leading to the inevitable conclusion that Mr. Snyder is a monumental jerk. The fact that his suit clearly violated the District of Columbia’s anti-SLAPP law might have had something to do with this action.

Now if Mr. Snyder would only change the racist name of his team, and they would win a few football games, the town might have a team it could be proud of.

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Snyder Suit SLAPP-Down

July 20, 2011

Snyder Suit SLAPP-Down

The ACLU wants to slap Dan Snyder with a penalty. That’s Dan Snyder, millionaire owner of DC’s NFL team, and SLAPP, as in Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation. A SLAPP is a rich man’s bludgeon, used to suppress criticism or other actions by pesky peons who lack the financial resources to fight back. In this case, a critical sportswriter in DC’s weekly alternative newspaper. Mr. Snyder first filed his SLAPP in New York, then re-filed in the District of Columbia.

But DC has an anti-SLAPP law, as the ACLU just reminded him. Some other folks noted that, too, and signed on to the ACLU’s amicus brief: D.C. Councilmember Mary M. Cheh (a law professor), National Public Radio, Public Citizen, the American Society of News Editors, the Society of Professional Journalists, the Association of Alternative Newsweeklies, WJLA-TV 7, and WUSA-TV (Channel 9).


Dan Snyder’s Favorite Sport

April 26, 2011

Dan Snyder's Favorite Sport

Anyone familiar with professional sports in the Nation’s Capital knows that Dan Snyder, millionaire owner of that losing NFL team with the racist name, obviously cares nothing for football.  So what does he like?  Suing the bejesus out of anyone who prints anything justifiably critical of his actions, even a little local weekly with a newstand price of zero.

Mr. Snyder has announced that he is re-filing his lawsuit:

“Why I am suing Washington City Paper,” Dan Snyder, Washington Post


Dan Snyder, Free Speech Crusader

February 11, 2011

Dan Snyder, Free Speech Crusader

Daniel Snyder, billionaire owner of Washington’s losing NFL team, is a staunch champion of free speech, when he’s the one talking. Sure, he’s suing an alternative paper for a scathing article about him and tried to ban football fans from bringing signs to games. but ten years ago he defended his right to verbally skewer a pair of groundskeepers.


Team Embarrasses DC; Owner Shames NFL

February 4, 2011

Team Embarrasses DC; Owner Embarrasses NFL

Let’s say you are the billionnaire owner of a professional sports team in the Nations Capital and its name is a racial slur. Let’s say your ownership has been marked by losing seasons, bad personnel decisions, and ill-treatment of fans. So what do you do? Sue publications that point these things out. Channel 9 sportscaster Brett Haber reacts: