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We’ve Seen This Movie Before. No Happy Endings.

March 18, 2014

We've Seen This Movie Before. No Happy Endings.

This is not the first time Ukraine and the Crimean Peninsula have been caught up in a conflict between East and West. Although the nature of the polarity has varied, the results have never been pretty:

“Inside Crimea: A Jewel in Two Crowns,” Cathy Newman, National Geographic

“To understand Crimea, take a look back at its complicated history,” Adam Taylor, Washington Post

“5 things to know about Crimea,” Janet Weinstein, Al Jazeera America

“Kkatsap and Khokhol,”Poemas del rio Wang


‘Little Green Men’ Keep the Peace in Crimea

March 15, 2014

'Little Green Men' Keep the Peace in Crimea
They came from Russia Outer Space, perhaps. Silently, in the dead of night, thousands of heavily armed masked men appeared on the streets of Sevastopol‎, Simferopol‎, and Yalta.‎ Their green uniforms bear no markings, and they’re not talking. Observers speculate that the Federation of Planets sent them as poll watchers, to ensure a free and fair vote in today’s Crimean referendum.


“OSCE evidence lifts lid on ‘little green men’ in Crimea,” Peter Felstead, IHS Jane’s 360

“Crimeans vote on Russia referendum,” Carol Morello and Pamela Constable, Washington Post

“Why the Crimean referendum is illegal,” Lea Brilmayer, The Guardian

“Crimea as consolation prize: Russia faces some big costs over Ukrainian region,” Will Englund, Washington Post


“Crimea Votes to Secede From Ukraine as Russian Troops Keep Watch,” David M. Herszenhor, New York Times

“Crimea votes to secede from Ukraine in ‘illegal’ poll,” Luke Harding and Shaun Walker, The Guardian


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