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The Instagram aesthetic that made QAnon mainstream

January 25, 2021

The Instagram aesthetic that made QAnon mainstream. A Vox video by Christophe Haubursin.

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‘I’ll Sue!’ Says Most Litigious President Ever

November 10, 2020

'I'll Sue!' Says Most Litigious President Ever

After losing to Joe Biden in the election, Donald Trump is continuing his economic stimulus policy of full employment for lawyers, suing in several states to try overturning his rejection by a majority of voters, claiming his victory has been “stolen” because states are actually counting actual votes. He first asked several states to stop counting votes while he seemed to be ahead, before all the Biden-leaning mail-in ballots were counted. Mr. Trump, former owner of the failed U.S.F.L. New Jersey Generals football team, essentially asked the refs to stop the game in the 3rd quarter and declare him the winner.

Donald Trump had already used campaign funds to pay lawyers in pre-election lawsuits, and continues to make his supporters pay for his sore-loser legal claims, but state taxpayers will foot the bill for defending election boards against the spurious suits. It’s not surprising that Mr. Trump would resort to the courts for his hail-mary legal claims. In 2016, while he was the GOP candidate, Donald Trump was involved in 3500 lawsuits. His legal team should be grateful to be paid with campaign funds. As a businessman, Donald Trump had a habit of stiffing his lawyers.

UPDATE: Donald Trump has found a way to further his baseless legal claims for free — he’s going to pay for them with your tax dollars. Attorney General William Barr has authorized the U.S. Department of Justice to pursue these wacky conspiracy theories in violation of common sense. This also violates long-standing DOJ policy, so the director of the Election Crimes Branch, the official in charge of election fraud investigations, has resigned.


Rudy Giuliani’s Expert Consultant on Ukrainian Corruption

October 4, 2019

Rudy Giuliani's Expert Consultant on Ukrainian Corruption

If you want expert advice on Ukrainian corruption, check with convicted felon Paul Manafort, former consultant to Viktor Yanukovych, the Ukrainian president removed from office for rampant corruption. That’s what Rudy Giuliani, Donald Trump’s personal lawyer, did in an attempt to corroberate yet another conspracy theory about the Mueller Investigation. That probe caught Mr. Manafort with secret foreign bank accounts stuffed with Ukrainian cash and sent him to the slammer. Before he began serving time, Paul Manafort served as Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign chairman and chief strategist.


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