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Old Men in Skirts & Women’s Health

February 20, 2012

Old Men in Skirts & Women's Health

The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops is objecting to a recent HHS rulemaking which grants American women equal access to healthcare and directs health insurance companies to provide them with contraceptive services. Of course, America’s Roman Catholic bishops have their own sort of family planning; they are (presumably) celibate. Not so the females in their flock, two-thirds of whom use some form of contraception. The HHS regulation does not apply to employees of churches but to workers in the separate nonprofit corporations spun off by religious institutions. It has little to do with health reform, and everything to do with the rights of employees under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act.


Catholic Support for Healthcare Reform Bill

March 18, 2010

Catholic Support for Healthcare Reform Bill

While C Street’s token Catholic (and token Democrat) Bart Stupak and the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops oppose pending healthcare reform legislation, 59,000 American nuns, pro-life Catholic theologians and evangelical leaders, and Catholic healthcare agencies back H.R. 3590, the healthcare reform bill.

Read the sisters’ letter here.


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